Hidden Gems Of Paris

Mysterious Rooftop


This really is top secret info that most people don’t know about. These two photos (above and below) were taken on a private rooftop near the Eiffel Tower. It’s about as close as a building can get to the Eiffel Tower. The cool part about this rooftop is that it belonged to the ex-president of France’s wife at some point (or so I was told). I truly wish I remembered more details. I don’t even have the address anymore but the view was breathtaking. An absolute VIP moment in Paris. It’s somewhere within walking distance from The Bistrot Champs de Mars. At the time, we were one of the first people to use the space. I’m not sure if the owner still rents it out but if he does, then it’s definitely worth taking advantage of. It’d be the perfect place for a picnic or party!

The gentleman we accessed the rooftop through worked with the company, Amazing Events Paris.

Comment below if you know where this mysterious rooftop is!

Help me find this mysterious rooftop again!

Help me find this mysterious rooftop again!


Moulin Rouge Grates

The grates of The Moulin Rouge!

The grates of The Moulin Rouge!


For my Instagram obsessed people, this one is for you! Few people seem to take advantage of this, but slightly to your right as you’re facing the Moulin Rouge are these big grates that blow up air Marilyn Monroe style. It’s going to take some guts but hey, a good Instagram picture is worth it, right? Yell for everyone to clear the way, hand your camera to a trustworthy person, hop on the grates (hold your dress down ladies! I’m pretty sure I flashed all of Paris the first time), and snap that photo!

Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor

special bridge.jpg

There are so many stunning bridges in Paris it’s hard to keep track of which one is which. But what makes Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor unique is that you can access the bridge from underneath. It’s a secret little entryway a lot of people don’t take advantage of (and it’s a great photo opportunity)! See if you can find it!

The Hotel Bar Lounges

My drink from The Shangri-La Hotel lounge in Paris. Super unique!

My drink from The Shangri-La Hotel lounge in Paris. Super unique!


My boyfriend and I realized that there were so many gorgeous hotels in Paris that we wanted to experience them all. So we decided that every night we’d get a drink at a different hotel. We tried The Peninsula, The Four Seasons, and The Shangri-La. It quickly became a tradition to order olives at every hotel lounge and rate which was one the best (we voted Four Seasons). The 5-star hotels are the best places to people watch. Noticing all the women’s red bottom Christian Louboutin pumps made me so jealous that I didn’t own a pair. Everyone looked so elegant and we’d try to guess what kind of people they were and where they came from. Test your skills! And keep your eye out. You’d be surprised at all the scandal we saw go down at these 5-star hotels!

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