The Best Vegan Restaurant In LA

Image by  Gracias Madre

Image by Gracias Madre


Hello West Coasters!

I usually consider myself more of a NY girl but I have a special place in my heart for Los Angeles. LA represents a safe haven for all vegans, health nuts, and vegetarians out there because there are so many amazing options to choose from. Here’s my favorite vegan restaurant in LA.

Gracias Madre


Gracias Madre is a vegan, plant-based, Mexican restaurant located in West Hollywood, LA. It’s known to be a hot spot for celebrity spotting as well as home to some of the most delicious vegan food on the West Coast. How LA! For my non-vegans reading this… I know. Sometimes when you hear the word “vegan” you think dry, tasteless, pieces of chickpea, kale mixture. Trust me, this is far from that. I’m personally not vegan however, I do love restaurants with healthy (and yummy) choices. Gracias Madre does all of that and much more!

The Drinks

Gracias Madre, like any good Mexican restaurant, makes amazing margaritas. They serve all of your classics (margarita, sangria, Moscow mule, etc) but with very original and aesthetic twists. Their drinks are filled with exotic fresh fruit, herbs, flowers, and unusual yet delicious flavors. For my tequila lovers, you’re in luck because they offer many different kinds of tequila, mezcal being one of their more featured brands. Branch out and try something new! Comment below and tell me which drink is your favorite.


Image by Tawny Alipoon via Life & Thyme, David Jenison via prohbdt, and Gracias Madre via myxoLAgy respectively.

The Food

I don’t even know how to start describing the food other than delicious! It’s actually hard to believe that everything they serve is vegan. The guacamole is classic, and all of their entrées are unique vegan variations of meals such as the Coconut Ceviche and Scopes Con Mango. Yum! Their endless usage of fresh avocados, lentils, mango, quinoa, squash, cashew crema, and coconut rice are what makes this place unique and their customers happy. They also have great salad options but honestly, skip the salad and go for the unique stuff! You won’t want to miss out on it!

Image by  Gracias Madre

Image by Gracias Madre


The Ambiance

Image by  Gracias Madre

Image by Gracias Madre


Yes, Gracias Madre has an outdoor seating option! With the weather as gorgeous as it is in LA, how could you not take advantage of this? I’ve sat both inside and outside, and while inside has a very nice, clean, bohemian kind of vibe, I always prefer outdoors. A quick tip: the outdoor seating area definitely fills up faster than indoors. If you’re lucky you may not need a reservation for inside, but you’ll definitely want one if you plan on sitting outside. If you’re extra lucky you might even spot a celeb like we did. Keep your eyes open and enjoy! Comment below your vegan restaurant in LA!



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