3 Disney Parks In One Day

Ambitious, I know. However, I can vouch for this method because I’ve tried it twice. Your legs will feel like they are about to fall off but I can assure you that it will be very worth it. Before we address the actual itinerary for the day, let’s review what you will need.

  • Park Hopper Pass

    • The kind of ticket you will need to purchase is called a Park Hopper Pass. This will allow you to jump to and from any Disney Park.

  • A Small Backpack

    • Bring a small backpack or fashionable fanny pack to carry your wallet, some snacks, and a refillable water bottle. The food and drinks in Disney can get expensive, so let’s save where it’s easy! It’ll also come in handy for any souvenirs that you buy. Today is not the day to be burdened down by many bags.

  • Good Walking Shoes

    • Like I said…. your legs will fall off at the end of the day. Let’s make this as easy on your body as possible. Efficiency is key for today!

Once you have the necessities for the day, it’s time to plan the ultimate itinerary for a 3 park Disney day!

1. Park #1 - Animal Kingdom

The first park of the day is Animal Kingdom. While you could spend a whole day here, we’re just going to see the highlights, for we have many other things to do and see!

  • Avatar - Run to the Avatar ride! It’s one of the newest ones in the park and the line will get up to three or four hours long. If you really want to get the most bang for your time, get the earliest fast pass slot for this ride. You’ll be grateful you did!

  • Kilimanjaro Safari - A guided tour of an African safari, home to live, exotic animals. Use your second fast pass. Time it accordingly so that you have enough time to finish AVATAR.

  • Dinosaur - My personal favorite. A bumpy and scientific time traveling adventure!

  • It’s Tough To Be A Bug - A fun and interactive 3D film and live show.

    HONORABLE MENTIONS - feel free to adjust your day based on your interests.

  • Kali River Rapids - if you feel like getting wet!

  • Expedition Everest - Spoiler! It goes backward!

You should aim to be finished with Animal Kingdom somewhere around 11:30 AM. Follow the signs to the monorail and climb aboard for our next stop!


2. Park #2 - Epcot


Epcot is every adult’s favorite part of the day. The goal is to be in Epcot around noon so that you can have lunch here. Why? Because you’re going to eat and drink your way around the world! Let’s take a look at the map below.


You’ll enter near the big golf ball. Don’t forget to take an iconic Instagram picture to make sure everyone knows you’re in Epcot! Make your way to the many countries and choose whether you want to go left or right. The park is a big circle so you can either start in Mexico or Canada. I suggest Mexico (left) because I’m a margarita lover and the idea of going clockwise sits well with me but to each their own. No matter which way you go, make sure to hit these points along the way!

  • Mexico - You have to get guacamole and margaritas in Mexico. No exception. La Cantina de San Angel has a beautiful outdoor pavilion to eat under, right next to the water.

  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros - Located in Mexico. A relaxing boat ride.

  • Frozen Ever After - Located in Norway. If the line isn’t too long, stop by this ride after the Norway Pavilion.

  • Italy - Get a glass of champagne or wine in Italy and walk across the beautiful bridges.

  • Japan Pavilion - If you’re lucky, you can hear them play the drums on the Japanese Pavilion. To the left, is a shaved ice stand that is totally worth stopping by! Don’t forget to get sake and sushi while in Japan!

  • Morocco - Walk through Morocco thoroughly. This is a great place for souvenirs! The falafels are a good snack along the way.

  • France ice cream - L’Artisan des Glaces has the best ice cream in all of Disney! They have 16 different flavors all worth trying. Test your French skills by ordering en Français.

My advice is to eat a little something from each place. This way, instead of one big sit down lunch, you can try a little something from everywhere and keep moving! After you’ve eaten your fill, give your legs a nice break by going on the ride, SOARIN’. SOARIN’ is one of the few rides in Epcot and it’s an absolute adventure (but I promise you won’t throw up the yummy food you just ate). SOARIN’ is a flight motion simulator where you sit in hang-gliders and watch a large screen to give the illusion that you’re flying over different wonders of the world. Very cool!

Alternate Ideas

  • MISSION-SPACE - One of the other few, popular rides in Epcot. A word of warning: this ride can be very intense for certain people. Do your research beforehand to make sure it’s right for you. If you’d like to include this ride, do it BEFORE you eat. We don’t want anyone getting sick.


3. Park #3 -Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's castle

We saved the best for last. You can’t come to Disney and not visit Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is big and by now I’m sure your legs are pretty tired. Follow this path to the best rides to avoid running all over the park.

  • Pirates Of The Caribbean - Adventureland. If you’re a Jack Sparrow fan, then this ride is for you. If you can use one of your fast passes, it would be useful for this ride.

  • Splash Mountain - Frontierland. Watch out for the big drop! Might get a little wet but not soaked.

  • Thunder Mountain - Frontierland. Fun and fast rollercoaster.

  • Haunted Mansion - Liberty Square. One of my favorites! A spooky and interactive elevator ride to the actual ride through the mansion.

  • It’s A Small World - Fantasyland. One of the older rides in Disney. Give your legs a break and enjoy the boat ride!

  • Peter Pan’s Flight - Fantasyland. Good for kids or any fans of the movie.

  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin - Tomorrowland. A fun target practice.

  • Space Mountain - Tomorrowland. My ultimate favorite! A fast rollercoaster in the dark. DEFINITELY use a fast pass for this as the lines get up to 2-3 hours.

After you finish the rides, look into one of the many wonderful restaurants in Disney. A nice sit-down dinner will be nice at this point to give your legs a break. Remember to make a reservation in advance or else risk not being able to eat! Some of my favorites include…

After dinner make sure to catch the iconic Happily Ever After Fireworks which last 18 minutes and start around 9:15 PM. Secure yourself a good view as it will be very crowded! My secret tip is to start making your way to the exit just before the fireworks end so that you escape the crowd rush afterward.



  • Extra Magic Hours - If you stay in a Disney Resort you may have access to extra park hours. These are great times for trying the high demand rides since the park will be less crowded. Learn more about extra magic hours here.

  • Fast Passes - Fast passes are an essential part of a 3 park Disney Day. To make the most of your precious park time, educate yourself on how to use Fast Passes here. Remember, a time slot for Fast Pass only has so many openings, so book your Fast Passes well in advance. And don’t forget to rebook a fast pass once your initial three are used via the Disney App!

  • Disney App - Download the Disney App. It’s free! Get in time updates about the wait time for attractions as well as maps, ride closures, etc. It’s also a fast and convenient way to book your fast passes.

  • Monorail - Disney provides free transportation between the parks and the Disney Resorts. It’s the most economical as well as the fastest way to travel between parks. Super easy to use!

Have a magical Day!


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