Las Vegas Fashion Tips


“Find me that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday morning.” - Miranda Priestly

One of my favorite parts about Las Vegas is that anything goes. Literally, anything. I saw girls walking around half naked, guys wearing all kinds of statement clothing, and people adorned in every piece of jewelry they have. Whatever you want is totally fair game! So go crazy, bring your best, bring that crop top you haven’t worn since college, yes, bring your Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins, bring those diamond earrings you would never wear on the subway and go all out! Nothing is too much and nothing is judged. You do you! (Most restaurants will require you to dress up).

The majority of my suitcase consisted of cute swimwear, nice cocktail dresses, and a lot of sunscreen.

If there’s one time when you really want to pull out the fancy heels, diamond earrings, or red dress, it’s on the gambling floor where everyone is checking you out. Whether it’s as a compliment or sizing you up as their competition, you want to make sure you look good and maybe even a little intimidating. Trust me, you won’t regret looking nice.

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