Breakfast At Tiffany's

Such a beautiful (and yummy) breakfast!

Such a beautiful (and yummy) breakfast!


The Experience

Good morning Upper East Siders. Even if you’re not familiar with the famous movie “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of the iconic jewelry store located on 5th Avenue. After you peruse the sparkly jewelry on the first floor and fantasize about your future engagement ring on the second floor, make your way up to the fourth floor where the famous Tiffany’s Blue Box Café is located. If you’re one of the lucky few who has managed to snag a reservation at this coveted restaurant, then go ahead and make your way into the quaint café with walls, chairs, plates, and cups adorned with the iconic Tiffany blue color. Tiffany & Co. is the perfect example of the power of branding. They can take what would normally be a $5 journal, make it Tiffany blue, plaster the Tiffany & Co. logo on it and voilà! You now have a $75 journal.

After you sit down, you’ll be greeted by a waiter wearing a white shirt and unmistakable Tiffany blue tie. This place really makes you feel like royalty as you look out the window over 5th Avenue. New York is your kingdom. They have an endless selection of tea, juices, and coffee. Sadly, there is no hot chocolate. I ordered the Breakfast at Tiffany’s tea, which I loved! If you’re a fan of traditional UK tea time, this will definitely bring back some memories. Yes, there is clotted cream. Your tea will come in an authentic Tiffany & Co. teapot and teacup, along with milk, sugar, and a little spoon. And like any good brunch place, you can order breakfast or lunch any time of the day (aka. Breakfast at 5pm).



Let’s talk about the big blue elephant in the room… can you get a reservation? Well, it’s no easy task and going to take a little bit of dedication. Reservations open up 30 days in advance at 9am. So have your fingers at the ready and keep refreshing the page around 9am. You can make the reservation here on Resy. I suggest registering your card beforehand so that you don’t waste time and miss your desired time slot! The place books up very fast (within a few minutes)!


Final Thoughts

So you’re all waiting to hear the verdict… was it worth it? I vote, yes! The service was amazing, the food is beautifully presented, tasted great, and we left very happy with our experience. Now I can forever say that I had breakfast at Tiffany’s!

My ring matches! Love that blue color.

My ring matches! Love that blue color.


No breakfast at Tiffany’s would be complete without a giant cake shaped like the iconic little blue box. It’s called the Blue Box Celebration Cake, and definitely worth getting if you have something to celebrate! No worries if you can’t finish the whole thing. They can always wrap it up for you. It’ll give you something to take home from Tiffany & Co that isn’t freakishly expensive! Too bad there was no ring in this one ;)


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