Why Rain Can't Ruin Your Trip

Hey drama queens. You just looked at the forecast for your upcoming trip and you see rain? I bet your heart sank a little as you hopelessly brainstormed a way to change your travel dates. First of all, fret not. I’m going to explain to you why rain can’t ruin your trip and is actually a blessing in disguise. Here is my five step process, to making the most of a rainy vacation.

  1. Accept The Wetness

Image by  Jasper Soloff . Model is my good friend Isaac Powell.

Image by Jasper Soloff. Model is my good friend Isaac Powell.


You’re going to get wet. It’s as simple as that. Trying to dodge the raindrops or run faster is not going to make you any dryer than if you just walked normally. So know that you’re going to get wet and prepare accordingly. If you’re the kind of person who hates when their feet get wet, then wear rain boots.The sooner you release the fear of getting a little wet, the more fun you’ll have.

2. Picture Opportunities

If you stop running for cover for just a second, you’ll stop and realize that most places (especially cities) are actually very beautiful in the rain. The lights are reflecting off the wet pavement and it’s kind of epic. Stop and admire the amazing city you’re in and enjoy the wonderland of sparkling raindrops. Relish in it, and snap a few instagram photos!


3. It’s Romantic!

Photo by  Jordan Matter

Photo by Jordan Matter

What’s more romantic than exploring a new city with your bae? Exploring a new city with your bae in the rain! It’s like a moment taken right out of “The Notebook”! If you’ve never kissed your significant other in the rain, go ahead and check that off your bucket list.

4. Fewer Crowds

Rain frightens away most tourists. If there’s a location that you’ve been dying to see, now would be the time to go see it! Most tourists will be indoors at museums or restaurants. Avoid those and instead, opt for an adventure outdoors and take advantage of the lack of people!

Image by  Jordan Matter

Image by Jordan Matter


5. Ambiance

Image by Nuno Alberto via unsplash

Image by Nuno Alberto via unsplash


There’s nothing better than snuggling into a cute cafe while you’re traveling, and finding refuge from the rain. After your adventure outdoors, find a nice local restaurant to cuddle up in and experience some local cuisine!


Everyone knows that after a good rain shower comes a rainbow! If you’re lucky, you might even see a double rainbow. Keep your eyes open!



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